Since childhood I have loved putting my hands to virtually any creative project. Subsequently, while at school, only woodwork and art really kept my interest. During Art College I simply combined these two exciting subjects and discovered one deep passion - wood sculpture.

To take an already unique, beautiful and naturally formed material, then sculpt it to my own design became as a privilege. I simply relish observing and being inspired by the pure, wonderful lines that exist all around us in our natural world, before interpreting them into sculptural ideas. Birds, animals, smoke, fish, the human form and flames have all been original beginnings for my work. However, I believe creativity should never be subservient to subject matter or a set design. Instead the original concept must be just that, a starting point, an idea free to alter, grow and develop with artistic instinct, until eventually becoming a one off finished sculpture.

But my work is not completed there, for I put huge emphasis on finishing each project to the best of my ability. Constantly I further endeavour to develop my understanding of both past and present wood finishing techniques, in hope that one day a perfectionist’s dreams will be realised. I know already that perfection is unattainable, but hey, no harm in trying!!!!







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