A simple concept of fire from stone. I just enjoy creating the flame shapes, then applying water based dyes to create uniquely coloured sculptures that can be set onto bath stone bases to form beautiful pieces of line and colour.

Heights from 75 - 115cms

Warm Embrace

Here I have tried to use both entwined sculptural line and warm colours to represent tenderness. I really like the thicker, stronger, more masculine piece wrapped around a slimmer, elegant, feminine shape. The strong,bright colouring gives this sculpture more enphasis on the passionate meaning, which I enhanced futher by using a high gloss finish. Setting both parts onto a natural devon slate base gave great stability to the sculpture and don't they say something about 'building on solid foundations'. 

Out From The Blues

I love the contrast between the whitened tulip wood center piece rising up off the light bath stone base and winding up through the deep blues of the main sculpture piece.

This sculpture is designed to represent hope rising out from sadness, light ascendng up out from the blues.

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