Occasional Tables

I enjoy making these sculptural tables out of recyled or locally sourced woods and offcuts of Bath stone. They can make for superb plinths for sculptures and the taller ones are partcularly handy for having around when you need some where to put down a wine glass!!

Large Occasion

This example of my tallest table design is constructed of three sculpted oak legs, screwed and glued onto a shaped bath stone base and, in this case, a beautiful ash top.

I use no set design for any part of such a table, each one is made according to the materials available and my instinct for what I feel appears right.

My target height for such a table is 1 meter and this partcular example weighs over 13 kilos. Most of that weight is in the stone base, creating a low center of gravity and therefore much stability.

Small Occasion

A smiliar construction as the large occasion above, but with two legs I have added a joining plate between them and the top for extra strength. This particular example has a cedar of lebanon top I purchased from a local tree surgeon that mills the trees he fells.

Height of these are around 70cms

Occasional  Twists

These small tables are constructed using upcycled oak barley twist legs, as well as top surfaces, from old tables which are then screwed into hand shaped bath stone bases.

When striping the old wood legs back to bare timber, before reshaping and repolishing them, I often ponder how old the oak might be and how long ago a carpenter did work that same piece of timber, possibly a hundred years or more!

These small tables are made stable by a heavy bath stone base and are polished for interior use only, but can be easily carried out to a patio for such occasions when guests may need somewhere to put glasses or snack plates.

Height - 60-65 cms

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