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Infinite Love 1
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Infinite Love

This is a design progression of my Sculpture created for the BBC programme - 'Home Is Where The Art Is'. After the show was broadcast in July 2020 I received many requests for a similar piece and so now offer this 'Infinite Love' piece with a limited supply of just one a month.

The body of the Sculpture is carved from a block of sustainably sourced cherry wood and the base is reformed stone.

The concept was a Mother with child design, representing the bond of pure love, created in one fluid ribbon of wood which incorporates a Moebius ring twist, giving the whole sculpture a sense of having just one, never-ending surface, representing Infinity.

This sculpture is approx 50 cm tall 

Please email me at  for further information about this sculpture.

twin flames 1
twin flames 2
twin flames 4
twin flames 3
twin flames 6

'Twin Flames'

I enjoy creating these unique, distinctive sculptures, which are based on the mythological concept of two individual souls  entwined together to become one entity.

The flames are separate pieces of poplar wood sculpted to fit together as one sculpture, which is then coloured, polished, waxed, and set on a darkened teak, heart shaped base.

These Sculptures make a wonderful, unique gift for a special occasion and are approx 60cms high.

I create only one a month - for more information email me at


'Twin Flames' is now booked fully for 2021 with a reserve list - Sorry, I can take no new enquires at this time